Yoga for Your Voice

A workshop for teachers, performers and anyone looking to connect with their voice.

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November 17th, 8:30pm

@Yoga Agora 33-02 Broadway, Astoria 2nd floor

$10 donations going to Rohingya Refugees

Whether you’re a teacher, performer or public speaker, chances are you’re using your voice more than the average person. The vocal cords are smooth muscle tissue, and just like an athlete warms up, cools down and rests their body, those who use their voice for teaching, performance and presentations need to care for their voice in a similar manner.  But your vocal cords don’t work alone and what we desire to communicate with one another has as much to do with state of mind as it does state of body. The struggles we face in sharing information often have as much to do with anxiety or even excitement as they do with a healthy way of using and protecting the voice. 

This workshop will offer: 

  • Integrative exercises that use yoga, pranayama (breath practices) and classic vocal methods to support the quality of your voice.
  • Ways in which to care for your voice when it’s physically under duress due to overuse.
  • Meditation, relaxation techniques, and confidence building tools to help you communicate more clearly and stand well before others.

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