Yoga for your Voice


The most common translations of the word yoga are “to unite”, “to yoke”, or “to join." While there are many diverse schools of yoga with different interpretations of the physical and philosophical practices, the core of these practices are the same. No matter the path, all yoga practitioners are working on cultivating some form of joining - of connection. So, what does this have to do with voice?


Yoga For Your Voice Workshop


Whether teaching, presenting, performing or communicating, the voice is a primary resource for connecting with one another. Developing and maintaining a healthy, effective and sustainable voice is a necessity, especially for those that use it for work. If we want to be heard over a continuous period of time, specific yoga practices can offer the tools for embodying, projecting and protecting the voice. In the Yoga for your Voice workshop, these include:

  • Pranayama – Breathing techniques to increase breath capacity for supporting the operation of your vocal folds.

  • Asana – Yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your primary and accessory breathing muscles. 

  • Vocal Techniques –  Combined with yoga asana and mindfulness practices for warming up and cooling down.

  • Meditation – For stress reduction as stress affects breath and breath affects voice.

  • Sankalpa - Action and intention setting to lay the ground work for public speaking

This workshop uses the above resources to help you better connect with and protect your voice. You’ll learn to care your for voice by developing your own warm-ups and cool-downs while creating a personal regimen for improving your vocal capacity. Awareness and mindfulness practices are fundamental ingredients but previous yoga experience and voice training are not necessary. Programs are tailored to individual or group experiences.


Workshop and Training Dates Coming Soon!

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