Learning to Slow Down

Personal Pose of the week: Savasana

This post is for the go-getters, the adventurous and the easily excitable. I think 90 percent of the people I’ve met living in NYC can call themselves at least one of the above, and the pace of this city, filled with vitality and speed, is a perfect location for these personality qualities to thrive. I know that mine certainly have, and I’ve experienced more than I ever could have imagined while living here.

However, this week begins my month long hiatus from teaching, and my socializing will be significantly decreased with mandatory vocal rest. I used to think that living was synonymous with adventure, and while I think experiences are certainly an aspect of life, finding balance by pausing and simply being is imperative, as there is such a thing as burning out. This will be an interesting month as I perfect the art of savasana. I've already learned so much from just a few days of silence, and I look forward to discovering what slowing down has to teach me. 

“There is more to life then simply increasing it’s speed”  ~ Ghandi